We’re the effective elementary and middle school math software solution that:

Adapts to the individual learner
-Continuous formative assessment in and between lessons, analyzes over 48,000 data points per student, per hour to provide the right next lesson at the right time.

Personalizes instruction from intervention through enrichment
-Strategically increases the learning velocity of struggling students, advanced students, and on-level students.

Provides access and equity for ELLs
-Our approach using rich visuals, sound design, and interactivity supports deep math comprehension. Every subscription includes both Spanish and English—to enable Hispanic students to learn in the language that works.

Develops skills and closes gaps fast
-Continuous support of conceptual understanding, fluency, reasoning, and problem-solving skills, plus 24/7 online access, keeps students building achievement.

Integrates assessment with instruction
-The ongoing capture of math gaps in student understanding—and filling them—ensures that learners understand concepts before moving on to new lessons.

Aligns to state and regional standards
-Aligns with the Common Core, TEKS, and other U.S. and Canadian standards to make learning and teaching easier.

Empowers with actionable data and reporting
-We support teachers and administrators with standards-aligned data to inform instruction, and monitor growth and use to ensure strong implementation.

Delivers professional development that’s immediate, relevant, and actionable
-We offer on-site instruction, live webinars, and MyFlexPD™ On Demand sessions to deliver learner-centric content focused on educators’ individual needs.