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Do you find yourself wishing you had the time to focus on your schools mission instead of spending your days managing tedious student information details across school offices, maintaining and supporting separate databases, or completing your seemingly endless list of administrative tasks?

With Blackbauds solution for K-12 schools, you can. We give you a solid internal infrastructure so you can share critical school and student information. With it, you can communicate with students, teachers, parents, and alumni knowing that you have the most reliable and up-to-date information. The experience your students get and your schools reputation will be better off because of it.

Check out how we helped The American School in Japan implement an integrated campus-wide solution, which consolidated more than 40,000 administrative, financial, and alumni records into a single system.

Learn how Providence Day went green with Online Registration and Online Re-enrollment. View the demo to hear directly from Bev Shore, Information Manager at Providence Day in Charlotte, NC. She goes into detail about the efficiency and money saved by installing this product.