SEE-N-READ® Reading Tools are research-based and classroom-tested interventions for struggling readers (Response to Intervention reading remediation solution) [U.S. Patent No. 7,954,444]SEE-N-READ® is an assistive reading technology that addresses:Fluency interventions at the visual/cognitive input levelHow to increase reading comprehension Control of field of vision oReduce word and line-skipping and pattern glareoSmoothly track left to right, top to bottom (“sweeping”)Anticipate content as they read (chunking reading strategy)Re-read content without losing their placeHelp readers of all ages (k-adult) to improve reading skillsSEE-N-READs are endorsed/used as reading strategies for struggling readers byNeuropsychologistsPsychologists/cognitive researchersReading specialistsVision therapists/speech pathologistsClassroom teachers in both regular and special education environmentsAvailable in three formats:SEE-N-READ® Reading Tools with solid clear ReadBar™SEE-N-READ® MemoryMark with the ReadBar™ CUT OUT so readers can highligh text while keeping their placeeSEE-N-READ™ electronic reading and instruction tool for PCs (Mac version available in Fall, 2011)NEW!SEE-N-SPELL™ Spelling and Vocabulary Quick Reference GuideEnhance writing skills! Upgrade "academic" vocabulary usage. Fast and easy lookup of the 300+ most commonly used words in American English, including homophones (sound alike/spelled differently..."accept/except"), arranged alphabetically. Alphabetically lists the most commonly misspelled American words.