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Hellas Construction is the first choice of school districts and universities nationwide and the Official Turf Provider of the Dallas Cowboys. Whether you need synthetic turf, running tracks, court surfaces, playground surfaces, or a full sports complex, Hellas delivers with precise quality control in time frames that most find impossible.

Hellas has a Matrix® Turf system for every sport from football, baseball, and softball to soccer, field hockey, and multipurpose usage. All of our synthetic turf systems provide a safe, durable, and consistent play surface for any sport and is ideal for indoor or outdoor use. It is resistant to insects, rot, fungus, and UV and heat degradation, while also allowing for rapid and consistent drainage after inclement weather. Hellas synthetic turf systems reduce water consumption for athletic and landscaping projects by up to 100%, saving millions of gallons of water every year. Visit

Hellas also offers an organic infill option as an alternative to black crumb rubber. The Geo Plus infill is a combination of cork and coconut fibers. When used along with silica pea gravel, it makes an infill that will stay put with less “splash out” and act more like the dirt in real grass. It has optimal shock absorption and excellent traction in all weather conditions. It is 100% organic and recyclable, containing no industrial or artificial components, meaning it can be reused for agricultural or gardening purposes. The Geo Plus infill is also UV resistant, even at high temperatures, resisting break down and deterioration. This odorless infill doesn’t retain heat, but instead retains moisture, using it to cool the surface temperature of the field, similar to how sweat cools the skin. Surface temperatures on a field will be up to 40 degrees cooler than a regular synthetic turf field with the black crumb rubber, which means the players will be cooler and their feet won’t feel like the they are burning. Visit Visit

Kickabout® Play Surface is a new generation of playground and sports surfacing. Choose the size and shape, from 2,000 to 20,000 square feet. Choose your surface color or add a custom, colored logo. Then choose your activities, such as soccer, funnel ball, hopscotch, tetherball, and running lanes into one fun-packed playground and mini-sports field. Rain or shine, the Kickabout field or playground turf will be readily available. Kickabout can be added under existing playground equipment and extra padding can be added for extra cushioning. Visit

epiQ Tracks® Track Systems are made with quality non-toxic, non-petroleum based materials, using eco-friendly manufacturing processes. From elementary level to Olympic-level track systems, Hellas has the system to meet your needs and optimize your facility. Visit

TPS® Court Surfaces are made from the highest-quality components to ensure your court looks and performs at a professional level and is extremely durable, meeting the highest standards in the industry in terms of ball bounce, speed, and stability. Visit

Learn more about the products offered by Hellas Construction by calling 1-800-233-5714 or visit