Curriculum Advantage, Inc. is a technology learning company that provides educational solutions through Classworks, a network-based curriculum resource in mathematics, reading, language arts and high school credit recovery. Classworks offers students, teachers and administrators software solutions proven to be effective in raising student performance.

Launched in 1993, Curriculum Advantage's Classworks combines engaging software and a powerful management system designed to instruct by diagnosing and prescribing an individual learning path for every student. Classworks imports and reads every students test results to automatically create an individualized curriculum that is educator-developed, research-based and correlated to local, state and national standards. This alleviates the need for teachers to manually identify and prescribe the resources needed to address each students strengths and weaknesses.

Classworkss offers more than 5,000 hours of interactive, standards-based, managed curriculum, and an extensive reporting system to document student progress and address accountability issues.

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