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Arts in Education


You will touch the lives of people that
hold the cure for cancer, poverty, hunger.

You will touch the lives of future Nobel Prize winners,
teachers, innovators, leaders.

Your mission is to motivate them and provide them with that initial spark
that will set the wheels in motion.

Your job is not simply to teach information, provide a service, or manage your employees.

Your job is to inspire.

Your job is to create a chain reaction.

Your job is to cause an effect.

Like a pebble dropping into a pool of still water,
you can create a ripple of infinite possibilities.

This is your legacy.

From the first time teachers just discovering their calling,
to long time leaders reigniting their passion,
at the Fischler School our students grow in many ways
they never thought possible.

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and read about the incredible ways they are causing an effect every day