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Mobile Minds . . . Well Take You Higher!
One of the fastest growing tutoring companies in the United States, Mobile Minds Tutoring is leading the market in cutting-edge academic programs. Unlike other tutoring companies who are restricted and limited by their corporate structure, we provide a customized experience for every client. Mobile Minds is dedicated to ensuring that your childs academic and personal goals are met on your terms.

Since its inception, Mobile Minds has provided unparalleled tutoring and educational experiences to students. Our exceptional staff is comprised of highly qualified professionals who can accommodate any student in a wide spectrum of educational services. Mobile Minds is currently expanding both geographically and division-wide. As we continue to add locations and services to our company, we remain faithful to our mission of creating an individualized tutoring program for each and every one of our clients.

Mobile Minds Tutoring Programs:
● Basic Math Skills and Pre-Algebra through Algebra I &II, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus
● Language Arts, Reading Comprehension, and English
● Writing Program
● Foreign Languages
● Homework Support
● Early Learning Program (Pre-Kindergarten to Second Grade)
● Study Skills / Time Management Programs

ISEE, ACT, SAT, and AP Preparation:
● An intensive study of Verbal, Math, and Writing skills
● Each student is assessed to determine their talents, strengths, and weaknesses
● Individualized test preparation program for every student
● Our tutors are experts in proven test-taking and pre-test calming techniques