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Memories for a Lifetime

The memories in your mind, so vivid immediately after the experience, will fade over time. Thats why Remember Me™ uses state-of-the-art, digitally enhanced print reproductions on white, archival quality paper, so the memories in your Yearbook remain as real as the day they happened.

Paper Cover Verses Hard Cover Yearbooks.
High quality and full-color throughout, either cover option offers its own set of value opportunities. For the budget-minded school, Remember Me™ Paper Cover programs offer substantial savings. Schools seeking a higher level of sophistication coupled with the value of Remember Me™, will find our Hard Cover books offer significant savings over most other programs.

Remember Me™ Online preferred.
Although Remember Me™ supports more conventional methods of preparation such as Camera-Ready and Desktop Publishing, learn for yourself why over 80% of our customers prefer Remember Me™ Online. Find out more and get a FREE, no obligation Demo.